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Welcome to my site. To see a poor man's hologram of me, move your pointer over my face and profile.

What sort of a site is this?
It's a collection of all the things that I find delightful: family, friends, photography, music, humor, and animals — cats in particular.
How do I discover all these delights of yours?
They're everywhere. My wife Linda and my granddaughters get their own links. Cats, too, and humor. Friends and family have a button that links to scrapblogs (online scrapbooks). Photos that I want to feature have thumbnails on this page, and there's a button that links to my photo sets on Flickr.
What about music?
It's not obvious. If you take time to appreciate the flower blossoms, you'll find it.
Any other goodies in the garden?
There are. It's like an Easter egg hunt, but with flowers.
Some of the labels on the buttons at the bottom of the page may be unfamiliar to you:
Scrapblogs are some online scrapbooks that I maintain.
Josh is my son and a teacher. If you like ancient history, you'll love his site.
Paul Krugman is a brilliant economist whose blog I read every day.
Do I have your permission to print the photos on your site?
Yes. They are small files and lo-res copies of the good stuff. If you want a file that's suitable for printing, click here to send an e-mail request. Of course, I welcome e-mail for any reason. Please make sure that the subject line reads I visited your website. Otherwise, I might think it's spam.
Will you post update notices when you change the site?
No, too much of a hassle. My plan is to update the featured photos and family pictures several times a year.
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