These pages show some of the things I think are funny. I tried to extract some common characteristics from them and succeeded only in making myself crazy.

This list of collections will grow as I find time to add them to the site:

Elephant Jokes

Yeah, I actually think they're funny.

QuestionWhat's the biggest drawback in the jungle?
AnswerAn elephant's foreskin.

QuestionWhy are elephants large, gray, and wrinkled?
AnswerBecause if they were small, white, and smooth, they'd be aspirins.

QuestionHow do you know if there's an elephant in the pub?
AnswerIts bike is outside.

QuestionWhy do elephants paint the soles of their feet yellow?
AnswerSo that they can hide upside-down in bowls of custard.

QuestionWhat do elephants use as vibrators?
AnswerEpileptic pygmies.

QuestionWhat does an elephant use for a tampon?
AnswerA sheep.

QuestionWhat's gray on the inside and pink and white on the outside?
AnswerAn inside-out elephant.

QuestionHow do you know when there is an elephant under your bed?
AnswerYour nose is squashed against the ceiling.

QuestionWhy does an elephant wear sneakers?
AnswerSo that he can sneak up on mice.

QuestionWhat has 3 tails, 4 trunks, and 6 feet?
AnswerAn elephant with spare parts.

QuestionWhat's gray, has a wand, huge wings, and gives money to elephants?
AnswerThe tusk fairy.

QuestionWhy do elephants scratch themselves?
AnswerBecause they're the only ones who know where they itch.

QuestionHow do you get an elephant into a matchbox?
AnswerTake all the matches out first.

QuestionWhat do you do with a green elephant?
AnswerWait till it ripens.

QuestionHow are elephants and hippopotamuses alike?
AnswerNeither can play basketball.

QuestionWhat do you get if you cross an elephant and a peanut butter sandwich?
AnswerAn elephant that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

QuestionHow do you know there's an elephant in the oven?
AnswerYou can't shut the door.

QuestionWhy did the elephant cross the road?
AnswerBecause it was the chicken's day off.

QuestionWhat's the red stuff between elephant's toes?
AnswerSlow pygmies.

QuestionWhat game do elephants like to play most?

QuestionWhy don't elephants ride bikes?
AnswerThey don't have a thumb to ring the bell.

QuestionHow can you tell when an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
AnswerLook for tracks in the butter.