Baby Linda Easter Linda and Cousins Sweet 16 High School Linda with Long Hair
  Baby Linda   Easter Duds     Bevy of     Cousins    Sweet 16   High School    Linda with
   Long Hair
Recumbant Figure Amazement Damn Tangle! No Nude Pictures! Bundled Up Pose with a Rose
   Recumbant       Figure   Amazement  Damn Tangle!     No Nude
  Bundled Up     Pose with
      a Rose
With Baby Melissa Piggyback Baby With Frau Theissen With Penny Cruise Director With Steve and David
   With Baby
Piggyback Baby     With Frau
   With Penny Cruise Director    With Steve
    and David
Portrait, 1987 At the Fairmont Camera Tolerance In Jamaica 1999 Portrait At Point Reyes
 Portrait, 1987 At the Fairmont      Camera
   In Jamaica  1999 Portrait  At Point Reyes